FW Update: 610d

 New 610d firmware release!

As always, our firmware updates are free of charge and when you upgrade your instrument, you don't have to worry about losing your settings because they will not be affected by the upgrade!


  • New Acoustic Vario and Pre-Set Sound Profiles
  • New Audio McCready-Speed to Fly Function
  • New Bluetooth Management System (Android and iPhone Compatible)


Acoustic Vario:

It offers more sound programming options and we have added extra preset sound profiles for the user to choose from. This will ease the transition of pilots coming from other varios to the Digifly AIR.  For example, if you select sound profile DG3, your Digifly will sound like a Bräuniger / Flytec vario.

Audio McCready:

We have enhanced the McCready function on the Digifly AIR. Our previous firmware versions visually indicated the Speed to Fly using the McCready settings; now you will also be able to get an audio indication to guide you in glide!

Bluetooth Management:

We have improved the Bluetooth management software. The new "Bluetooth LE" option allows your Digifly AIR to connect with iPhone devices; for instance, you can send the AIR's Telemetry to a flying App like Flyskyhy.

As usual, please make sure your battery is charged before you perform the upgrade and take a quick look at the Owner's Manual to be sure you are doing it correctly. 

NOTE: On pg. 79 of the Owner's Manual (Ch. 14.2.1) you will find the "Firmware Update Procedure" information.

You can download the new firmware from our "Links & Downloads" page! You will also find the updated Owner's Manual and some extra info regarding this firmware on our fw changelog.


NEW Digifly "AIR HG"

New POD-Integrated AIR BT with Pitot System available!!!

You can now order the new AIR HG!

Digifly launches its NEW instrument the AIR HG. A new option for Hang Gliding pilots interested in using a more aerodynamic option.

(note: this picture shows may not reflect the current model. Minor details may have changed as we update and improve our products. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.)

The AIR HG has been designed for Hang Gliding pilots. This new design is the fusion of an aerodynamic and robust exterior with an internal hardware based on the AIR BT with Pitot. The AIR HG has a unique layout of its components making it specifically functional for hang glider pilots: offering louder vario sound, new buttons, repositioning the USB plug now a Type-C, the microSD slot, the GPS antenna and Pitot sensor, in order to maximize all of its features and GPS reception capability all of which creates a fully integrated instrument in an aerodynamic and resistant unibody-type structure that is light and nicer.
The AIR HG is the new instrument, the evolution of the AIR BT with Pitot System.

The AIR HG offers high-tech, top-quality and reliability -at an excellent price- as every Digifly product. It is possible to order your new Digifly AIR HG with Pitot System now!

The AIR HG is 18in long (46cm) and weighs 10.6oz (300gr) - bracket not included.


AIR BT's Screen in the Sunlight

A couple of days ago, we saw an entry on the Oz Report (link HERE ) with the picture of a Flytec and a Naviter showing the screens in the sunlight and we thought it could be interesting to have a similar picture the Digifly AIR BT as well.

Oz Report Screenshot

 So here is our screen in the sunlight (the AIR's contrast setting is at 36%):

Note: The page portrayed on this picture is a customized non-competition XC Glide page (page 8: USR).

The Digifly AIR BT has a screen designed to provide excellent visibility in the sun light and the stronger the light, the better visibility you have.