AirPRO HG & AirPRO HG Cargo

 Last year in May we announced our latest model: the AirHG and this year we are ready to introduce the new member of the AirHG family, the AirHG Cargo!!!

The Cargo model besides all the super characteristics of the AirHG (super light weight, aerodynamic, long lasting battery, enhanced GPS Antenna, Pitot System, Classic & BLE Bluetooth modules, great LCD contrast and more...) has a specific spot for you to place a phone, in case you like to fly with one. Now, thanks to the fully operational Bluetooth on Digifly instruments, you will be able to use Apps such as XCTrack, XCSoar, FlySkyHy, LK8000, etc. and send the information from your Digifly's sensors directly to the Apps via Bluetooth. This feature is not new; however, many pilots out there haven't had the chance to realize this great option that our instruments offer. 

Moreover, the AirHG Cargo comes with an integrated Smart Battery and all the necessary cables to charge the battery and connect it to your phone!


Brackets are optional and sold separately when you buy an AirHG or an AirHG Cargo.