Owner's Manual

We have just published the updated version of the Digifly AIR BT Owner's Manual, which includes all the features included in the latest firmware version (408e)!

You will find it on our "Links & Downloads" page. 
It is a PDF file of about 5Mb.
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Last Stop: LA

The Digifly USA Fall Tour came to an end last weekend with our visits to Sylmar and Crestline.

On Saturday Oct. 22nd we drove out to Sylmar and were very lucky to be part of their "October Birthdays" event where we were able to hold our "DigiNight" with several pilots who already own the Digifly AIR, several others who bought one and some others who are now convinced that they want one in the near future!!!

"Beerges" landing with dog Shadow chasing him!
There was some flying, delicious hot dogs, drinks, a fantastic atmosphere and, to top it off, we got to stay for their "Movie Night" and watch "The Great Lebowski" on a BIG screen out in the open!!!

Chipman in approach just before getting his Digifly USA decal!
It was very special...

Part of the Sylmar DigiCrew*
* Coined by Kevin Kernohan  ;-)

On Sunday we drove to Crestline where we had arranged to meet with the pilots towards 5 o'clock; unfortunately, it was cold and started raining early and it kept raining all through the evening...

We still had the chance to meet with some pilots and spending the afternoon with special friends; then, ended up going out for Pizza and talk about the Digifly. It was also great to spend some time with our friends from Crestline sharing information on the AIR BT!

Thank you to the people who made this happen!

This was a perfect way of ending of this edition of our Fall Tour out west, bringing information about the Digifly AIR BT out to clubs, instructors and pilots so they are aware of this wonderful option for recreational and competition pilots!


Quick Visit to San Diego Area!

The Digifly USA's "Fall Presentation Tour" had were able to squeeze a quick visit to the northern San Diego Area last weekend.

We had the great opportunity to visit and spend some time with USHPA Instructor John Heiney!
This was not only a good opportunity for us to present the Digifly AIR to him, but it was a fantastic experience for us to get to share some special moments with such a special character from our world! We are thankful for the time he dedicated to us!

Here are some pictures of John's last part of his flight on Saturday:

Then, after landing, he took us on a little "Pomegranate Hunting Tour" at the LZ and, here is John with part of the bounty!

We also met some of his students and flying buddies and to our pleasure, we encountered Bill who has owned a Digifly for more than 10 years and is still happily flying with it!!!


Point of the Mountain, UT

The Digifly USA Team made it to the famous Point of the Mountain, south of Salt Lake City in Utah last weekend!

The weather was not the best while we were there, but it was gorgeous when we were leaving!
In any case, it was a great experience and we were able to meet with some local pilots and bring out the word about Digifly!

What a great place this seems to be! We used the UHGPGA website (Utah Hang Gliding & ParaGliding Association), we found contact information about the local schools, instructors and tandem pilots -very useful, but the way!
Back in Richfield, during the Red Rocks Fall Fly In, we had the chance to meet with Kevin from Two Can Fly and once here, we met with Superfly, Wings over Wasatch and with Mike Semanoff and Johnathan Foster from Paragliding News!
Unfortunately, several of the instructors were out of town or very busy, but it is just impressive to see how large the flying community is in this area!

We even got the chance to do a short recording with Mike Semanoff for his "Paragliding News"; it was a nice experience for us and we were surprised at all the pro gear he had for the recording. He said it would be about 10 days until he was able to publish it. Stay tuned for Mike's initial report on the Digifly!  Thank you Mike!!      :-)

While Pedro sets up the Digifly AIR, Mike gets his camera ready!

Mike is getting ready the mic for Pedro ready...


Digifly USA at the Red Rocks Fall Fly In!

We had the great opportunity to drop by Richfield, UT and visit this fantastic event organized by CUASA (Central Utah Air Sports Association)!
We were impressed by so many different things that it made our trip there a wonderful experience!

We were impressed with Jeff and Stacey and all those involved, who put up lots of work into this great project. We are not sure of the exact number of pilots there, but 116 pilots filled out the paperwork for the event! There were pilots from everywhere, including Alaska!
We hope they are happy with the results so they are already thinking of holding next year's fly in!

 Morning meetings at the HQ!

The HQ for the event was at the Quality Center on Main St. and this picture is one example of the nice surprises we encountered!
"Welcome Red Rock Flyers" sign
We'd like to thank the organizers for giving us the widnow to present the Digifly AIR to the RED ROCK FLYERS and to the instructors present; a great opportunity for us to let as many pilots know that the Digifly AIR is a very interesting option and that it is here, in the US!!!

If you get a chance, definitely go visit the Red Rock Flyers in their next fly in!