Point of the Mountain, UT

The Digifly USA Team made it to the famous Point of the Mountain, south of Salt Lake City in Utah last weekend!

The weather was not the best while we were there, but it was gorgeous when we were leaving!
In any case, it was a great experience and we were able to meet with some local pilots and bring out the word about Digifly!

What a great place this seems to be! We used the UHGPGA website (Utah Hang Gliding & ParaGliding Association), we found contact information about the local schools, instructors and tandem pilots -very useful, but the way!
Back in Richfield, during the Red Rocks Fall Fly In, we had the chance to meet with Kevin from Two Can Fly and once here, we met with Superfly, Wings over Wasatch and with Mike Semanoff and Johnathan Foster from Paragliding News!
Unfortunately, several of the instructors were out of town or very busy, but it is just impressive to see how large the flying community is in this area!

We even got the chance to do a short recording with Mike Semanoff for his "Paragliding News"; it was a nice experience for us and we were surprised at all the pro gear he had for the recording. He said it would be about 10 days until he was able to publish it. Stay tuned for Mike's initial report on the Digifly!  Thank you Mike!!      :-)

While Pedro sets up the Digifly AIR, Mike gets his camera ready!

Mike is getting ready the mic for Pedro ready...

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