Quick Visit to San Diego Area!

The Digifly USA's "Fall Presentation Tour" had were able to squeeze a quick visit to the northern San Diego Area last weekend.

We had the great opportunity to visit and spend some time with USHPA Instructor John Heiney!
This was not only a good opportunity for us to present the Digifly AIR to him, but it was a fantastic experience for us to get to share some special moments with such a special character from our world! We are thankful for the time he dedicated to us!

Here are some pictures of John's last part of his flight on Saturday:

Then, after landing, he took us on a little "Pomegranate Hunting Tour" at the LZ and, here is John with part of the bounty!

We also met some of his students and flying buddies and to our pleasure, we encountered Bill who has owned a Digifly for more than 10 years and is still happily flying with it!!!

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