Last Stop: LA

The Digifly USA Fall Tour came to an end last weekend with our visits to Sylmar and Crestline.

On Saturday Oct. 22nd we drove out to Sylmar and were very lucky to be part of their "October Birthdays" event where we were able to hold our "DigiNight" with several pilots who already own the Digifly AIR, several others who bought one and some others who are now convinced that they want one in the near future!!!

"Beerges" landing with dog Shadow chasing him!
There was some flying, delicious hot dogs, drinks, a fantastic atmosphere and, to top it off, we got to stay for their "Movie Night" and watch "The Great Lebowski" on a BIG screen out in the open!!!

Chipman in approach just before getting his Digifly USA decal!
It was very special...

Part of the Sylmar DigiCrew*
* Coined by Kevin Kernohan  ;-)

On Sunday we drove to Crestline where we had arranged to meet with the pilots towards 5 o'clock; unfortunately, it was cold and started raining early and it kept raining all through the evening...

We still had the chance to meet with some pilots and spending the afternoon with special friends; then, ended up going out for Pizza and talk about the Digifly. It was also great to spend some time with our friends from Crestline sharing information on the AIR BT!

Thank you to the people who made this happen!

This was a perfect way of ending of this edition of our Fall Tour out west, bringing information about the Digifly AIR BT out to clubs, instructors and pilots so they are aware of this wonderful option for recreational and competition pilots!

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