Digifly USA at the Red Rocks Fall Fly In!

We had the great opportunity to drop by Richfield, UT and visit this fantastic event organized by CUASA (Central Utah Air Sports Association)!
We were impressed by so many different things that it made our trip there a wonderful experience!

We were impressed with Jeff and Stacey and all those involved, who put up lots of work into this great project. We are not sure of the exact number of pilots there, but 116 pilots filled out the paperwork for the event! There were pilots from everywhere, including Alaska!
We hope they are happy with the results so they are already thinking of holding next year's fly in!

 Morning meetings at the HQ!

The HQ for the event was at the Quality Center on Main St. and this picture is one example of the nice surprises we encountered!
"Welcome Red Rock Flyers" sign
We'd like to thank the organizers for giving us the widnow to present the Digifly AIR to the RED ROCK FLYERS and to the instructors present; a great opportunity for us to let as many pilots know that the Digifly AIR is a very interesting option and that it is here, in the US!!!

If you get a chance, definitely go visit the Red Rock Flyers in their next fly in!

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