Are you tired of waiting for the future?
Well, the future is here and it is now the present! The Digifly AIR is an instrument that uses all the latest technology and performs all the tricks just like a flight instrument from our era should do!  :-)

Here you will find some more interesting information and details about the Digifly AIR. First some quick facts and then more in detail information on the instrument and Pedro Garcia's view on "Why fly a Digifly".
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  • Digifly offers our customers FREE specialized software to make every process easier and user friendly: Managing your settings and flight information with AirTools; Creating and uploading your customized pages with AirPages and updating your AIR to the latest firmware version by Internet with AirUpdater.
  • We offer our customers FREE digital topographic worldwide maps! Using AirTools, you can create your own map to save on your MicroSD card and always have available this valuable information on your instrument. 
  • Digifly USA has the capability of offering the best available Customer Service -in English and other 7 languages- as well as Technical Support.


One of our favorite
characteristics of the
Digifly AIR is its weight
(0.4lb / 180gr) and its size.

The Digifly AIR has a microSD card slot as
external memory source and the USB port
that can be that allows you to charge the 
unit as well as to upload and download data
with a single cable.

Warranty / Garantía
The Digigly AIR is comes with a 3-year
Warranty that covers any manufacturing
defects (not damage caused by abuse,
misuse, negligence or accidents).

Why Fly a Digifly?
We guess this is the main question you are asking yourself right now and thought the best way for you to understand how great this instrument is, was to hear it directly from someone who has been actively flying one for the last year and a half and, by now, knows the Digifly AIR pretty well. We asked Pedro García to give us a deep insight of his Digifly experience; he is one of the World's top hang gliding pilots who has been in the tiop 10 WPRS spots for over 4 years, Spanish National Champion two times and our "Team Digifly" top pilot! Moreover, he is very open and likes to share his knowledge and the things he has learned throughout his career:

"Hello Everyone!

Since July 2015 I have been flying the new Digifly Air BT with Pitot Tube and it is fantastic! It is the instrument that I had been waiting for in these past couple of years.

Until now I was flying a Flytec 6030 and kept it because it was a good option for hang gliding competitions back in 2009; at the beginning the 6030 met my needs, but this instrument stayed behind on the technology some years ago and it has become unreliable in competitions or free flying. For these reasons I had been looking for another option. I took a look at the Flymaster and did not find it particularly interesting (for instance I did not like the screen layout, the menu...) and most importantly I do not like the pitot system it offers ( an external detached device that also increases the price too much), so that was not an option either.

This is how I came across the Digifly vario during the 2015 Italian Hang Gliding Nationals in July and it caught my attention immediately! I was given the opportunity to try it out and use it on the next competitions and, after several competitions and plenty of flights, my conclusion is clear:

For paragliding, hang gliding, rigid wings, swifts... this instrument is excellent! Moreover, all pilots have the possibility of getting theirs with an integrated anemometer (pitot tube system), which other instruments don't, that works starting from 11mph. I highly recommend this instrument and not only for competition pilots, it is simply ideal for all types of flying!
First of all and what I see not as the most important characteristic, but definitely what is marking a strong difference regarding the other instruments, is its price. It is less expensive than all other instruments I have seen so far.

Also, I know that when you decide to spend a large amount of money you also want and expect a good product: durable, reliable, powerful, current and easy to update (when referring to electronic devices). This combination of factors is what really convinced me of buying the Digifly Air-BT and, after flying with it and testing it for three months, it has become my primary instrument.

I am liking my Didifly Air BT more and more with every flight that I make. 
Main Characteristics:
  • Hardware
    •  More sensitive sensors
    • 10 times more memory space, it records up to 40 flight hours at a 1 second interval, if you wanted to
    • Longer battery life, approximately 30 hours
    • Much lighter and thinner: only 180gr
    • Magnetic compass included
    • Integrated gyroscopes and accelerometers 
    • Bluetooth (the "BT" model and available upgrade option for "SE" model)
    • Integrated Anemometer Sensor (Pitot Tube System) - optional
    • SD card slot (card not included) for storing maps
    • and much more...
  •  Software
    •  Much simpler, more agile, faster, reliable and easier to customize
    • It records and saves your track during the flight, so even if you run out of battery you will not lose what you had
    • 13 pages/screens:
      • 12 of them may be customized
      • You can activate them all or just the ones that you need at the time
      • 6 of them will alternate/change between them automatically when in competition mode, if you want to
      • 2 of them alternate/change between them when you are in thermal or in glide, if you want to
      • And more...
    • Topographic map 
    • Graphic Thermal Plotter and Thermal Assist with automatic zoom to help you center the thermals
    • "Nearby Thermal" alarm 
    • Software updates while keeping your personal settings
    • And much more...
  • Communication (interface): 
    • It communicates very easy and fast with any type of computer (PC or Mac), smartphones or tablets in different ways:
      • Via Bluetooth (BT models) or via USB (all models)
      • Digifly specialized programs like "AirTools" and "AirPages" that allow you to connect your instrument to the computer and customize it very easily
      • The instrument is already programmed to send telemetry to other devices running apps such as XCSoar, LK8000 and XCTrack via Bluetooth ("BT" models)
    • And much more...
  • Reliability
    • My Digifly AIR-BT gave me absolutely no troubles all this time.
  • Extra Features:
    • Possibility to reset instrument even if you are in flight and keep flying
    • 3-Year Warranty
    • Software architecture that allows you to always be able to retrieve your flight's tracklog, as long as you are able to turn the instrument back on
I could go on and on and on about the differences and improvements regarding the other instruments out there, but I think this will be enough to give you an idea and, hopefully, help you make up your mind and try this fantastic instrument! To all pilots I RECOMMEND you try the Digifly AIR!

Pedro Garcia
Team Digifly"

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