PORTUGUESE - Owner's Manual

For the past weeks Digifly USA has been working with Brazilian HG pilot Fabian Nahoum on the Portuguese version of our Owner's Manual!

This version goes together with the already existing English, Spanish and Italian versions on our Link & Downloads page!
It is very important for us to be able to provide the necessary tools to help our customers as much as possible  :-)

This is a note from our Translator, which we thought would be nice to share also as a way of thanking [obrigada Fabiano!]  him for the excellent and important work he has done:

"I've been flying hang gliders for 15 years and, I decided to compete ever since, a daunting prospect!, I thought my engineering background prompted me to get as technical as possible to try and have some traction over the very experienced pilots I was competing against.

Fortunately, I entered the comp scene about the same time that the Varios upgraded to GPS Integrated, so I was able to improve on my lack of experience by studying the somewhat complex manuals and using the plethora of information that was previously unavailable.

Then I was surprised to see much better pilots than myself come to me seeking instruction on the integrated Varios which they knew nothing about, and so began my history of being an instrument reference when it came to programming, updating, consulting integrated varios during comps and even the Scoring Committees would sometimes seek my help about technical issues.

From then, and after many years using 2 different instruments, I was beginning to feel that integrated Varios deserved a full upgrade, especially on the interface design and also some hardware items since technical problems were frequent and the price of service not cheap.

When I started studying the Digifly interface capabilities, I knew I had found the right instrument! The fact that it is fully customizable allied to the full automation in terms of page switching, something I wouldn´t have thought about previously, showed clearly that this instrument was on a class of its own!

Just like I did with the previous instruments, I dedicated a lot of time to studying the Digifly manual, something most pilots overlook, but that gives me an edge that can´t be really measured. So I quickly volunteered to translate the original Italian manual into Portuguese, something that would automatically guarantee many hours of studying.

I´m very excited that the innovation doesn´t stop and that the Digifly team is constantly improving on something that´s already state-of-the-art so I guess I´m going to have to continue studying frequently and hoping it will make me eventually a better pilot!!"
Fabiano Nahoum


  1. Loved the article Maria!! What a well written piece of text!! ;)

  2. ;-)

    Glad you did! I did not except any less from you....