fw 502m

We have officially released our 502m firmware version featuring a new optimized distance to goal calculator with constantly updated information! 
It is all available to download from our "Links & Downloads" page.

This firmware is a simplified and improved version of the previous one; for detailed information, take a look at the Changelog.

The Owner's Manual will be updated soon as well.

In our downloads page you will also find our latest AirTools and AirPages versions, both for Mac and PC!

At Digifly, we are constantly working to provide the best possible options for our customers!


  1. Is there an updated version of the manual?

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      We are currently working on an updated and improved version of our Manual. The current Manual contains the main features and information, but we are updating it to include fw502. As soon as we publish it, we will post it on our main page, so feel free to sign up for updates (upper right corner of the menu bar).

      You can also follow the changes looking at our "Changelogs" to know the differences between fw versions.

      Let us know if you have any further questions and remember you may also use our Contact Form!