Digifly's CIVL Rules Compliance REMINDER(s)

As many of you may already know, the CIVL recently published its official and finalized document on the model that will be used for distance calculation during FAI Cat. 1 (World & Continental Championships): the FAI SPHERE.
This is not necessarily the rule for Cat.2s, where organizers may decide not to use the FAI Sphere and continue to use the WGS84 model instead.

In case any of you are wondering if this affects the coordinates in any way, don't worry, it doesn't. The coordinates remain the same and it is simply the model used to calculate the distance that differs.

Digifly is committed to being fully compliant with CIVL rules and regulations and to enable all of our customers to be compliant as well; this is one of the reasons why our firmware (fw) upgrades are completely free.
In order to be ready for the peak of the competition season, our team decided to implement this feature a while ago. The REMINDER in this case, is to make sure that you are well aware of the fact that our 502m firmware (fw) version, officially released some months ago already comes with this important feature!
On the Digifly AIR's MAIN SETUP you will be able to choose between FAI Sphere and WGS84.
Moreover, the next parameter down, will allow you to set the tolerance, another feature that was implemented with fw 502m!
This is how it looks on AirTools and directly the instrument's MENU page:

And while we are at it, here is another set of REMINDERs for you to keep in mind:
- when you update your firmware, you will not lose your settings
- all our firmware updates and their changelogs are free  and downloadable from our website (Links & Downloads page)
- AirUpdater (also free) is the program you need to use in order to upgrade your firmware
- it is a very simple process
- THIS is the link to our tutorial on the Digifly USA YouTube Channel on how to perform the upgrade

The truth is that many of you have been already set for this change for a while and probably didn't even know it!

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