Wypt Upload - Quick Reference Guide

Hello Everyone!

In response to the questions about loading waypoints onto the Digifly AIR, we've created this Quick Reference Guide, intended for pilots and score keepers. Even though it is not any different  from other instruments we hope this will be helpful!

Quick Reference Guide:

-Delete any previous waypoints you may have before uploading a new set of waypoints.

-Use GPS Dump, as it is usually done with any other instrument.

That's it!     :)

Now, we´ll give you the Standard Reference Guide (which can be applied to any other instrument as well):

-Open GPS Dump
-Click on the FILE tab then  OPEN WPS  then  select a waypoint file
-Select all the waypoints on the list (Ctr.+A) and make sure all the waypoints are highlighted in blue
-Connect the Digifly AIR to the computer using the USB cable (for other instruments, follow their own instructions), turn the AIR on, go to MENU then AIRTOOLS. When you see the message "Link USB" flashing on the screen, it is ready to go!
-On GPS Dump click on the MISC tab, then on SET COM PORT and click OK on the pop up window
-Go to the WRITE WPS tab, click on "Send to Digifly AIR" and choose which waypoint bank you´d like to use (COMP or USER), it makes no difference at all)
-GPS Dump will send the waypoints to the AIR and when it´s done, it is a good practice (as it is on any instrument) to verify that the list uploaded correctly.

-Keep in mind that it is always a good practice (no matter which instrument you fly) to clear your memory bank (tracklogs) before a competition.

-Remember that it is possible to sort out the waypoint list before you upload it. To do this, click on MISC and you wil find 3 options to sort them out at the bottom of the drop down menu; select the one that suits you best.

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