Paradise Airsports Upgrades Tandem Gliders

Short post on a side story.

Team Digifly USA had a blast yesterday during the test flight of this beautiful glider below. For several weeks now, they have been actively participating in one of Paradise Airsports' new projects: Upgrading their tandem gliders!

Paradise Airsports decided to upgrade from their Wills Wing Falcon 3s to the newer and improved model, the "Falcon 4" and added the stunning Monarch sail pattern to their order! Team Digifly USA has been involved in the entire process from assisting in purchasing the equipment, to picking up the glider boxes, to assembly and, of course, test flying!!!

We had to wait for a couple of days for that awaited flight due to terrible flying conditions in Central Florida; however, the day finally came when their first Monarch, finally went up in the air!

 The test flight was quite exciting and fun, look at their faces after landing:

Later that evening, the first official tandem flights:

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